Shine Girl: Helping teenage girls develop their self-esteem

Our first ‘Shine Girl’ course has proved to be a great success. We had 12 girls participate in this self-esteem building course which was run at Open Academy, Norwich.

The course is targeted at girls aged 12-15 and endeavours to empower them in the areas of gaining an understanding of their worth, to develop an appreciation for their strengths, and to give them an insight into their purpose in life.

We had such a fantastic time meeting with the girls each week and it was thrilling to see them dashing from their PE lesson  and queuing at the class door when we arrived in order to be there on time!

Over the duration of the course the girls became more and more confident at opening up and sharing about their hopes and dreams for their future and by participating in the activities and discussion, beginning to see how they can take a hold for themselves an awesome future.

Some of the highlights for the girls were the session on hand care, during which we were able to teach them that valuable lesson ‘I’m worth it’ and another session giving them an opportunity to strut down the red carpet, again helping re-enforce their own uniqueness and value.

Following the great success of this first course we are now looking to roll out further Shine Girl courses at local schools and through other community organisations.

If you are interested in finding out more about Shine Girl or having a course run in your school/organisation please contact

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