Helping the community back on it’s feet

By guest blogger, Claire Foreman

For our servolution project we went to The Phoenix Centre. The Phoenix Centre is a community centre in the heart of Mile Cross, they recently suffered a fire and we were working to get their garden back to how it was and perhaps even better. We demolished an old and hazardous brick BBQ, repainted walls and weeded and replanted the gardens (both front and back).

I signed up to the project at the Phoenix Centre because of my heart for the kids of Norwich. I know how much the centre can, and has, impacted the community around it, especially the children. I wanted to have a small hand in helping with this great centre getting back on it’s feet and providing safe and well polished facilities.

Afterwards I felt a bit exhausted but knew that what I had done with my day off work could make a real difference. I don’t know if anyone will notice the impact of what I personally did, but I know that the impact of what the whole team did at the Phoenix Centre will be long lasting.

The day itself was a lot of fun as well as having a huge impact. It was great to see our youngest volunteer at only 8 wanting to help out in any way that he could. The team worked successfully together and everyone had such a chirpy attitude. The atmosphere of the day was great fun and hard work all rolled into one. Love it!

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