30,000 Norfolk Children in Poverty

We were saddened to read the headline in the Eastern Daily Press which read ‘Growing up in Poverty’. You expect to read that article about a place that you need to get on a flight to, but the truth is, you only need to walk around the corner from where you live to pass a house that may be struggling to fight off the grip of poverty.

Norwich is a beautiful, historic, fascinating city but we must never be so naive as to allow the fine parts of the city we call home to blind us to the fact that people here in our city also struggle to find work, find adequate accommodation and feed their children.

You can delve into the politics of why this is the case, what the government needs to do to resolve this issue, what cultural issues may be possibly contributing to it but as for us, we want to help those children facing poverty now.

It starts with facing up to the facts so take a moment today to read the EDP article.

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