Two powerful words

We recently completed the first session of one of our latest ShineGIRL courses with a group of girls who were all new to us and we were struck by the response of one of the young girls at the end of the first session.

We spent this session discussing the issue of value and what that means, explaining to each of the girls that value isn’t about your circumstances, your looks, what people say about you or how people treat you but that your value is intrinsic.

After lots of fun together we wrapped up the session as we do every session with every group asking the girls before they left if anyone had a question they would like to ask or comment they would like to share. One of the young girls response hit us.

“Thank you”.

Such simple words but if you could have been there! The expression on her face, the tone of her voice, the look in her eyes – it was such a heartfelt, sincere and deep expression of gratitude that we had told her she was valuable that it really took us back!

The message of shine is so simple: you have worth.
The response of this girl was so simple: thank you

The impact on her life I really believe has been life-changing.

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