Who Receives a Christmas Hamper?

Many of the Christmas Hampers we give out go to families where  there is a younger carer.

A young carer is a young person who cares for a parent with a serious, debilitating health condition and last year our Christmas Hampers made a tough time of year a little easier.

Our partner organisation, Norfolk Carers Support told us the following stories (the names have been changed).

“Sarah cares for her mum and dad who are both very unwell.  Sadly, her dad passed away at the weekend so Christmas is going to be an especially hard time for the family.”

“Alice cares for her dad who suffers from M.E.  There will just be the 2 of them at Christmas and they are under a large financial strain at present due to issues with dad’s benefits and have been in receipt of food bank vouchers.”

“Jenna cares for her mum who suffers from bipolar and is going through a particularly tough time at the moment. She lost both her nan and father earlier this year.  The family are currently in receipt of food bank vouchers so are unlikely to be able to have any luxuries this Christmas.”

“Lucy cares for her mum. Mum is very down at the moment as she is suffering from infections in both of her legs.  Lucy lost her dad  earlier this year who was a massive support to her and her mum and they are not looking forward to Christmas this year without him.”

A Christmas Hamper may just be Christmas dinner in a box but it says:

‘We’re thinking of you, we value you, and you are not alone.’

If you would like to get involved or have more information, please email jamesmarlow@lovenorwich.org


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