3 Things a Love Norwich Christmas Hamper is (that you weren’t expecting)

December 2015 saw our biggest ever Christmas Hamper appeal with 180 vulnerable families receiving a luxury hamper filled with everything needed for Christmas dinner.

But a Christmas Hamper is more than just a box of food, it’s a…

1)  Stress Reliever

Every parent wants to give their children the best – especially at Christmas. But where there’s financial uncertainty and an unclear future where living accommodation is concerned, parents can’t always give their children everything they want to give them.

This year a Christmas hamper  made one mum more relaxed and ‘didn’t feel like she was letting her children down.’

2) Door Opener

Our partner organisations work with vulnerable families, all of whom are facing unique struggles and experiencing difficult times. Sometimes families in these situations are reluctant to receive the help they need…

“By delivering the hamper to one of my families I was able to gain a bit more trust where they had previously refused any help. Now we are able to support them around a range of difficulties.” – Charity Worker (from a partner organisation)

3) Special Moment Bringer

Last week, a mum with a disability (whose children care for her) told her case worker about her Christmas…

“I used some of the biscuits and chocolates as extra presents for the children from Father Christmas and I wrapped some up for me and my husband and told the kids they were from Father Christmas too! (The children thought that was amazing!)

The children told me that they had the best Christmas ever – they tried Christmas Pudding for the first time and they’re still talking and laughing about how much fun they had pulling crackers and how silly they looked in their Christmas hats.”


Thank-you to everyone who donated food items and money and to our volunteers who packed, wrapped and distributed the hampers – without you a ‘Christmas Hamper’ is just an empty box.

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