Our volunteers have run projects with schools and old peoples homes, liaised with neighbourhood wardens, and the police; they have been invited to meet needs by individuals as well as the City Council.  They will help anyone they can.

They have cleared gardens and picked litter, stripped city walls of their graffiti, drank tea with the lonely and housebound and laughed with paint on their hands and overalls.

Some of our volunteers after re-painting this community centre as part of our servolution

Our volunteers after re-painting this Norwich International Community Engagement-centre

They’ve stepped in to serve at community events, stewarded, parked cars, flipped burgers and painted faces.  They’ve shifted tonnes of earth for landscaping projects and organised gigs in the prison.

Our volunteers love Norwich and are committed to a revolution or serving (a servolution) taking place to show how much they value this fine city. But before we can do anything, we need you to answer this simple question:

How can we help?

Litter Picking Servolution

Litter Picking Servolution

We would love to hear from you about projects you are looking for some volunteers to come and help with. No matter how big the project may seem, or how small it’s always worth asking if we can help you out!

If you would like to recommend or apply for a project please email

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